The food delivery platform

Save time and up to 40% in daily costs. Customers can live track their orders coming to their homes.

The food delivery platform

Save time and up to 40% in daily costs. Customers can live track their orders coming to their homes.

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How it works

Syncs new orders continuously.


Lastmily automatically and continuously accepts orders from your ordering systems or your ERP.

From Excel / CSV

Alternatively, you can upload the data from Excel/CSV as based on your ERP outputs.

Automatic configurations

Automatic configurations according to your needs.

Automatic, multiple drive route optimization!

Automatic assignments

It selects the appropriate driver to achieve maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Same day or next day

Immediate assigning or automatic scheduling for the next day.

The appropriate pickup point

If orders can be received from more than one pickup point, it selects the most suitable one.

Type of vehicle

If it is a motorcycle or car and plans the routes accordingly.

Operates with advanced AI

All parameters

Time constraints, volume, weight, priority, driver work hours, vehicle capacity and much more.

Running constantly

It can handle hundreds of orders per minute.

Past and live traffic

Route planning on roads and hours with the least traffic.

Factors affecting traffic

Automatic rerouting in cases of traffic jams, road closures, street markets, etc.

Your drivers make easy and fast deliveries!

Loading list

They receive the loading list when they arrive at the pickup point.

Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery management and driver cash box.

In-app navigation

Guides them every step of the way, point-by-point.

Save time

Works with a click and continuously gives drivers tips so they can always be on time.

You see everything live!

Driver location

Driver progress and location on active routes.

Status & hours

For every stop made, time of arrival and completion, or time of and reason for order cancellation!

Estimated arrival times

For every scheduled stop, the estimated time of arrival is updated in real time!

Route changes

With stop additions or changes, Lastmily reoptimizes routes while drivers are on the road

Driver returns

Return shipments, cash on delivery register, etc.

Route history

And current route comparison

Live order tracking

Live driver tracking

Customers can live track their order with exact delivery times.

Automatic updates for drivers

Drivers receive automatic notifications and updated route planning if a customer changes or cancels their order.

Your company logo

Customize what your recipients see with more branding.


If you would like, you can set up the option for users to rate their experience. Ratings are included in your reporting. 

Adjustment options

Customers have options (cancellation, change of date, specific time frames, etc.)

Social Media

Option to redirect users to your social media profiles to increase social proof and strengthen brand reputation.

Management & History

Shipment status

Delivered, canceled with a range of reasons provided (recipient was not home, change in date/time, other address, returned, etc.).


All potential data for a delivery, current status, etc.

Track & Trace and history

Live track order and its progress from when it was created to current status

Daily analysis with statistics and reports

Daily reports

Receive daily performance reports with scores.

Detailed statistics

Refer to all kinds of statistics automatically generated from your daily activities.


The data to measure and improve where you need to.

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Why choose Lastmily

Save time and cut daily costs by up to 40%

Automate your daily routine

Make up to 50% more stops

Easily attract new customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Lastmily?

Lastmily is a cloud platform for delivery optimization and management. Equipped with a route optimization engine & advanced AI, it always shows you the best and most optimal routes.

You also have full control of both your delivery logistics and your fleet. 

2. Who is Lastmily for?

Any company in the distribution, shipping, service, marketing/sales, recycling industries and generally companies that require route planning with multiple stops. 

3. How does it work?

Lastmily is an AI platform that takes into consideration your resources (including drivers, number and types of vehicles), traffic, road shutdowns, and your delivery needs with whatever specifications those might have (volume, weight, time constraints, etc.). That means that with a click, it creates the most optimized route plan with what each driver needs to do from the start to the end of the day so that you maximize efficiency with the lowest cost. While drivers deliver using the platform, you have all the tools to manage your last mile logistics and the ability to see your drivers’ progress real time, delivery management, orders added throughout the day, etc. Meanwhile, your recipients have live driver tracking with their orders.

4. What are the benefits of using Lastmily?

A. See guaranteed and quantifiable reduction of up to 40% in delivery costs and an increase in the stops each driver can make by up to 50%.

B. It fully organizes your delivery management, and gives you control with automation and reporting. Track your entire delivery progress live on your map with everything in the palm of your hand.

C. It gives you marketing tools. Recipients and senders can live track their shipments (in real time) on the map with arrival times, your company logo and other innovative tools.

5. Do I need any special equipment?

No, you do not need any additional equipment to run Lastmily. You also do not need to set up anything on your computer. The only thing you will need is a web browser like Chrome and a cellphone for each driver. 

6. Why not just use a GPS?

A GPS alone cannot organize and optimize a delivery route with multiple stops, and it also cannot factor in parameters like driver work hours, time constraints, vehicle capacity, driver ability and much more. Additionally, GPS systems are for fleet management, while with Lastmily, you can fully manage all your delivery logistics (shipments, etc.).

7. Is there a limit to the stops I can make per day?

There is no limit. You can organize your day to include ten, tens, or thousands of stops.

8. How do I start using Lastmily?

Contact us to start your free 30-day trial and see the benefits of Lastmily in practice. Set-up takes 5 minutes and there are no installation fees or hidden costs.

9. Can I connect Lastmily with my information system (ERP)?

We can easily connect your information system with Lastmilyusing modern technologies like API. This way, both systems are in direct and constant communication.

10. Is there a free trial period?

At Lastmily we offer you a whole month for free, with no commitment. During this time you can use any of the plans you want without any restrictions. During the trial period you will be able to see the value that Lastmily can give you in practice. We are very proud that 100% of the companies that try Lastmily go on to become our partners.


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