One platform, 100+ features!

One platform, 100+ features!

Find addresses

Automatic address correction

With machine learning algorithms

Unclear addresses

Mily detects unclear addresses and asks for clarification so that there is no chance a driver will go to the wrong destination.


And self-improves daily.

Automatic, multiple drive route optimization!

Drivers & vehicles

Work hours, driver skills, start and end points, vehicle type, capacity, vehicle capabilities, etc.

Multiple parameters

Time constraints, volume, weight, priority, etc.

Automation rules

Takes into account data points for locations, drivers and vehicles in order for Lastmily to fully meet user needs (e.g. if a delivery is in a bank located outside of Athens, then the order will need to be delivered before 1 PM and the driver will have 7 minutes from arrival time to complete the delivery).

Operates with advanced AI

Past and live traffic

Route planning on roads and hours with the least traffic.

Factors affecting traffic

Automatic rerouting in cases of traffic jams, road closures, street markets, etc.

Informs you

Identifies where drivers and vehicles perform best and optimal delivery times depending on the shipment through machine learning. 

Combines driving and walking

Understands when a delivery can be combined with a few meters of walking to save a significant amount of time and cost.

Drivers and vehicles

Work hours & driver skills

Considers how many hours a driver can work and their abilities (e.g. heavy lifting, payment collection, etc.)

Start/end points and contract warehouses

Considers driver start and end points and from which warehouses they can load from. 

Type of vehicle

From bicycles to trucks. This way, Lastmily knows where and how each vehicle can be used, what speed it can reach, on which roads it can fit to turn, etc.

Vehicle data

Capacity, maximum weight, type, features (e.g. hydraulic door), etc. for more efficient and effective route planning. 

Ratings & detailed statistics

Driver performance ratings, average number of deliveries, meters per driver/vehicle, etc. in one day/week/month, etc.

Loading list

Drivers receive the loading list according to the set schedule.

In-app navigation

Monitors live traffic. Automatically adjusts route planning depending on type of vehicle (motorcycle, truck, etc.)

Proof of Delivery & Scan

Electronic signature, photo, pin. Barcode scanning, QR codes, etc.

Delivery tips

Gives tips depending on the delivery, maximizing results. 

Factors in walking

Shows on the map when walking a few meters is more efficient in order to save time and fuel.

Parking direction

Indicates how drivers should park so that they can head towards the right direction for their next stop.

You see everything live!

Driver location

Driver progress and location on active routes.

Status & hours

For every stop made, time of arrival and completion, or time of and reason for order cancellation!

Estimated arrival times

For every scheduled stop, the estimated time of arrival is updated in real time!

Live route updates

With stop additions or changes, Lastmily reoptimizes routes while drivers are on the road

Driver returns

Deliveries scheduled for return to the warehouse, cash on delivery registries, etc.

Route history

And current route comparison

Your recipients, happier than ever!

Live driver tracking

Customers have live order tracking with exact time of arrival.

Adjustment options

Customers have options (cancellation, change of date, specific time frames, etc.)

Automatic updates for drivers

Drivers receive automatic notifications and updated route planning if a customer changes or cancels their order.

Your company logo

Customize what your recipients see with more branding.


If you would like, you can set up the option for users to rate their experience. Ratings are included in your reporting. 

Social Media

Option to redirect users to your social media profiles to increase social proof and strengthen brand reputation.

Mission management

Voucher creation

Shipping and printing with your logo

Types of shipping

Pickup, delivery, pickup & next day delivery, same day delivery, etc.

Shipment status

Delivered, canceled with a range of reasons provided (recipient was not home, change in date/time, other address, returned, etc.).


All potential data for a delivery, current status, etc.

Track & Trace and history

Live track order and its progress from when it was created to current status

Senders & recipients

Creation of list with senders & recipients with full shipping management, delivery/pickup automation, repeat stops, etc.


Management & statistics

Management - Search deliveries and statistics over time.

Entry/exit management

Shipment entries in the warehouse, driver assignments, returns via mobile application. 

Reasons & history

Customer-centric filters and full shipment history (reasons for shipments being in the warehouse).

Customers &engagement


Option to invite your customers to the platform.

Voucher creation

Create & print vouchers from your customers.

Pickup requests

Live updates for new pickup requests and automatic assignments to drivers. Customers have live driver tracking with arrival times. 

Live shipment tracking

Option to live track deliveries on the map along with estimated times of arrival/searches, etc. with your company logo featured.

Reports & Statistics

Option for customers to stay informed with daily progress reports for their deliveries, etc.

Invoices & Cash on delivery

Customers are informed about cash on delivery, new invoices - you are notified once they have been seen, paid, etc.

Create your own digital ecosystem!

Invite partners

Like couriers, transport and logistics companies, etc. that you collaborate with in Greece or internationally.

Assign deliveries

(Automatically) assign deliveries to partners and track their progress live.

Accept shipments

Accept shipments from partners and routes are automatically updated. Partners receive live updates.

Invoices & cash on delivery

Full management of shipments and transactions between you.

Full interface

Scan partner shipments, automatically create mutual delivery/pickup points, etc.

Full interface

Scan partner shipments, automatically create mutual delivery/pickup points, etc.

Your company logo

Your customers always see your logo on the map tracking their deliveries, regardless of whether their orders are delivered by your partners.

Daily analysis with statistics and reports

Daily reports

Receive daily performance reports with scores.

Detailed statistics

Refer to all kinds of statistics automatically generated from your daily activities.


The data to measure and improve where you need to.

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