One platform, 100+ features!

One platform, 100+ features!

Finding addresses

Automatic address correction

With machine learning algorithms

Unclear addresses

Mily isolates unclear addresses and asks you to clarify them so that there is no chance of the driver moving to the wrong place.


And it improves itself every day.

Automatic, optimal routing of multiple drivers!

Drivers & vehicles

Working hours, drivers' skills, starting points, starting points, finishing points, vehicle type, capacity, vehicle skills etc.

Point parameters

Time constraints, volume, weight, priority, etc.

Automation rules

Taking into account all point, driver and vehicle data in order to bring Lastmily fully to our needs. (e.g. If a delivery is to a bank and is within Athens then it must be delivered by 13.00 and the driver will have 7 minutes from the moment he arrives until the delivery is completed.

Works with advanced AI

Historical and Live traffic

Driving on roads at the time when there is the least amount of traffic.

Events affecting traffic

Automatic rerouting in case of traffic jams, road closures, street markets, etc.

It teaches you

Where drivers & vehicles perform best and what are the appropriate delivery times depending on the mission through machine learning.

Combination of driving and walking

He understands when it is worth combining a delivery with a few metres of walking in order to gain significant time/costs.

Drivers and vehicles

Working hours & driver skills

How many hours each driver can work and what his/her capabilities are (e.g. carrying, collecting replacements, etc.)

Starting/finishing points and contracted depots

Where the driver starts and where he has to finish and from which warehouses he is allowed to load.

Type of vehicles

From bicycle to truck. So Lastmily knows where and how a vehicle can be used, what speeds it can reach, which roads it can turn on, etc.

Vehicle data

Capacity, maximum weight, type, skills (e.g. hydraulic door) etc. for more efficient & effective routing.

Ratings & detailed statistics

Driver performance ratings, number of average deliveries, kilometres per driver/vehicle etc. in a day/week/month etc.

Loading Range

They receive the loading list according to the schedule.

Navigation in-app

Taking live traffic. Automatically differentiated according to the type of vehicle (motorbike, truck, etc.)

Proof of Delivery & Scan

Digital signature, photo, pin. Scanning Barcodes, QR codes etc.

Distribution tips

It gives advice according to the distribution, increasing their performance.

Combination with walking

It shows the map when to walk a few metres to save time and fuel.

Parking wear

How to park in order to leave in the right direction for the next point.

You see everything live!

Driver's seat

The progress of drivers and their position on active routes.

Status & hours

For each completed point, time of arrival and completion or time and reason for cancellation!

Expected arrival times

For each active point the expected time of arrival which is updated in real time!

Change routes in real time

Add or change points and re-optimize routes while drivers are on the road

Return of drivers

Shipments to be returned to the warehouse, cash on delivery, etc.

Route history

And comparison with the design

Your recipients happier than ever!

Live driver tracking

Customers have live tracking of their parcel with exact delivery time.

Ability to change

They have the possibility of options (cancellation, date, time commitment, etc.)

Automatic driver update

The driver app automatically updates the route if a customer changes or cancels the delivery.

With your own logo

Personalise what your recipients see with more branding.


If you want, they can rate their experience. It is included in your reporting.

social media

Ability to be redirected to your social media to increase reputation.

Mission management

Create a voucher

Shipping with your logo and printing

Type of shipment

Pickup, delivery, pickup & next day delivery, same day delivery etc.

Shipment status

Delivered, cancelled with numerous reasons for cancellation (not there, different day/time, different address, return etc.)


With all the possible fields of a mission, where it is now, etc.

Track & Trace and history

Where it is now and its course from the moment it was created until today

Senders & recipients

Create stored senders & recipients with full shipment management, automation of deliveries/receipts, recurring points, etc.


Management & Statistics

Management - Search for shipments and statistics as a function of time.

Input and output management

Entry of shipments into the warehouse, loading into drivers, returns via mobile application.

Reason & background

Client-centric filters and full shipment history (because they are in the warehouse)

Customers & interaction


Ability to invite your customers to your platform.

Creation of vouchers

Create & print vouchers from your customers.

Requests for receipt

Live notification of new requests and automatic assignments to drivers. Customers have live driver tracking that will pick up with arrival time.

Live shipment tracking

Ability to live request its shipments on a map with expected arrival times / searches etc. and your logo.

Reports & Statistics

Ability to be updated daily with efficiency reports on their missions etc.

Invoices & Replacements

They are informed about cash on delivery payments, new invoices - notify as soon as they see them, pay them etc.

Create your own digital ecosystem!

Invitation to your partners

Such as couriers, transport companies, logistics etc. that you cooperate with around Greece or the world.

Assignment of missions

Assign missions to partners (and automatically) and request their progress live on a map.

Acceptance of missions

You accept shipments from partners and they are automatically routed. Partners are updated live.

Invoices & cash on delivery

Full management of shipments and transactions between you.

Full interface

Scan partner shipments, automatically create pickup/delivery points between you, etc.

Full interface

Scan partner shipments, automatically create pickup/delivery points between you, etc.

With your own logo

Your customers always see your logo on the map of their shipments, regardless of whether they are delivered by your partners.

Daily analysis with statistics and reports

Daily reports

You receive daily performance reports with scores.

Detailed statistics

Refer to all kinds of statistics that are automatically generated from your daily life.


You have the knowledge to improve what is needed.

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