Deliveries done better

Create memorable deliveries. Reduce delivery costs.

Deliveries done better

Create memorable deliveries. Reduce delivery costs.

All-in-one Lastmile Solution

The Lastmily platform streamlines last-mile logistics by enabling you to handle day to day operations across your network efficiently and effortlessly in order to reduce your operation costs, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries and meet increasingly demanding customer expectations.

Streamline all logistics initiatives

Real world routing AI

Optimize deliveries based on your needs by considering parameters like volume, weight, and timeframes, tailored to real-world challenges such as combining driving and walking.

360 delivery management

Total delivery management: first to last mile, including Pay on Delivery, transportation cost, crossdocking, and warehouse management.

Order to Delivery tracking

Monitor customer deliveries from order placement to arrival, guaranteeing timely and precise delivery for every order.

Consignees Experience

Enhance your brand with precise live tracking, accurate ETAs, and flexible delivery options, including PUDO and lockers integration.

Shipping and multi carrier management

Simplify shipping with rule-based multi-carrier management, live delivery monitoring, insightful reporting, and a branded end-to-end experience from purchase to final delivery.

Post delivery experience

Drive loyalty and outpace competitors with e-shop redirection, promotional messages, and efficient reverse logistics.

The Lastmily Advantage

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Customer acquisition

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Delivery cost

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1st Attempt Success

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CO2 emissions

Game changer for everyone involved

Delivery cost reduction up to 40%

Optimize deliveries with advanced routing, automating processes for stakeholders. Save fuel, boost deliveries per driver, and streamline planning from pickup to delivery. Enhance transparency, minimize communication costs, and streamline operations in one platform.

Accelerate your sales

Stand out from competitors with enhanced shipping experiences. Provide live delivery monitoring, precise ETAs, and insightful dashboards. Boost brand visibility through live tracking, promotions, and customer retention tools. Elevate your service and differentiate in the market.

Offer a great experience to the consignees

Provide consigness with visibility, accuracy, and flexibility. Accurate dynamic branded live tracking from the first mile to the last enhances brand awareness and delivers a unique consignee experience. Include delivery options, lockers, and PUDO integration for added flexibility.

Experience like no other

They are actively monitoring their deliveries through a live interactive map, tracking delivery times, and receiving productivity and customer experience updates in real-time.

Branded End to End experience

Incorporating their logo and colors in live tracking enhances brand recognition, fosters loyalty, and creates a cohesive, engaging customer experience-providing upselling opportunities.

20% rise in customer retention

Streamlined delivery, unified branding, live tracking promotions, post-delivery return to e-shop functionality, and reliable service boost e-shop customer retention.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Optimized deliveries drive eco-friendly logistics. Choosing you means choosing sustainability, with CO2 reports showcasing daily tree-saving impact.

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Cutting edge routing AI

Dynamic route optimization adapted in the real driving world, taking into account dozens of parameters such as combining driving and walking empower drivers to stay focused on the next waypoint, increasing productivity.

Save time at every stop

Turn-by-turn navigation with audio prompts ensures distraction-free driving, enhancing safety and efficiency. The Lastmily app's one-button functionalities save up to 40 seconds per stop, including calling, scanning, PODs, and transparent navigation.

Accurate ETAs for Consignee Delight

Highly precise, dynamic ETAs not only have consignees eagerly awaiting deliveries at their doorstep but also save significant time, ultimately boosting overall customer satisfaction.

Quick Onboarding for New Drivers

New drivers can seamlessly start delivering from day one, thanks to the user-friendly LastMile app and its intuitive features, simplifying the onboarding process.

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Delivery Clarity, Every Step

Bid farewell to delivery uncertainties. Once a parcel leaves the depot, consignees enjoy complete transparency. Track the driver's progress with precise dynamic ETAs, ensuring adaptability throughout the delivery. Our aim is to assist people in planning their day seamlessly.

Effortless Parcel Handovers

Consignees receive parcels from considerate drivers who value their time. Offering direct feedback on delivery experiences is consistently encouraged for stress-free transactions.

Tailored Drop-off Solutions

Unable to accept in person? Consignees can simply specify when and where or opt for convenient drop-offs at lockers or PUDO points, ensuring adaptability to their preferences.

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Power and Simplicity

Powerful, yet easy

Experience the perfect blend of power and simplicity with our last-mile delivery optimization software. Lastmily delivers robust functionality while maintaining user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that every user, from dispatchers to drivers, finds the system powerful, efficient, and a joy to use.

Plug and play

Effortlessly connect and enhance your logistics operations without the hassle. Experience the convenience of easy setup and immediate functionality, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your delivery excellence.

You will love it

Crafted with your users in mind, our last-mile delivery optimization software is tailored for dispatchers, recipients, drivers, shippers, and more. The intuitive design ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the delivery ecosystem. Embrace a platform that is not just efficient but loved by all who use it.

Your own digital delivery ecosystem

Forge the future of deliveries by bringing together shippers, consignees, and your delivery partners. Collaborate seamlessly and build your digital delivery ecosystem, surpassing the competition with an elevated and delighted experience. Stay ahead in the game by connecting all stakeholders and redefining the way deliveries are experienced and managed.

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